Investing in our Future – Seven EU economic governance reforms for a stronger, greener and more resilient Europe.

Europe faces serious economic, environmental and social challenges that require reforms and investment. Europe is coping with multiple compounding crises and must tackle additional long-term challenges around economic, energy and digital sovereignty, decaying infrastructure, quality of work, inequality and ageing populations. But actions remain constrained by the European economic governance framework, as pointed many times over the years by Greentervention. Fiscal rules focus on arbitrary debt and deficit limits incentivises undifferentiated reduction
of public spending without sufficient regard for EU objectives and spending quality – with public investment as collateral damage.

The European economic governance framework requires fundamental upgrades to effectively ensure sustainable public finances that also support EU objectives – such as environmental protection, sustainable economic development and convergence.

Greentervention is proud to take part to this latest joint policy brief led by Finance Watch, alongside partners such as the NEF, CAN, the EBB, EYF, ETUC and Social Platform where we put forward seven key demands to achieve this goal.

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