Green Golden Rule as a necessary link

La présentation est aussi disponible en français ici

Greentervention is grateful for the invitation from the « Green New Deal » intergroup of the European Parliament on the 13th of February 2020 to come and present our proposals for a Green Golden Rule.

The fiscal rules under the Stability and Growth Pact need to be substantially rethought and revamped to repair past deficiencies and be made coherent with the Green Deal. The balance of risks changes.  Increasingly and without any contest possible, the source of instability is climatic disorder and undecisive and weak policies to address it, not the public debt level. Investments to preserve an hospitable planet need to be protected without jeopardizing the sustainability of public finance. A Green Golden Rule will make it possible. This is the main message brought forward by Ollivier Bodin to the Inter Group “Green Deal” of the European Parliament. Look at his presentation below :

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